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The Gabrielle Laura Show

Dec 7, 2020

Before I started my business, I would sit on the train during my 5-hour commute to my sales job listening to podcasts of women living the life I wanted to live. 

I dreamed of walking into my office, giving my two-week notice, and starting a business where I could make a massive impact on women's lives, and I always sought out stories of women who were doing that.

I wanted to learn how they got from the position I was in, miserable in my 9-5, to the position they were currently in, making an impact and money. 

I invited Olivia Sylvestro from Current Design Studio onto today's episode to share how she ditched her life in corporate America and started her 6-figure online business. 

Her story is amazing and it'll inspire you in more ways than one.

Tune in to listen! 


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